I started my yoga teacher training in May 2010 and it will conclude in November. It has been a wonderful 6 month journey that has changed my life. Experiencing so many moments of inspiration and guidance has enabled me to see beyond the tip of my nose. I have caught a glimpse of the blissfulness that comes through practicing yoga. I hope I can convey this inner peace to others that I have found.

A day without yoga in some form leaves me feeling as if something is missing. I enjoy it that much. If allowed yoga can open your eyes, heart and mind. It is incredible.

Hatha yoga is generally practiced through asanas (poses) and Prana (breath) in most studios. However, there are 8 limbs that can be taught and incorporated, breath and poses are only 2 of the limbs. The last limb, the eighth, is enlightenment. We all strive for that everyday, the inner peace and tranquility. The seven limbs are tools used to get to the 8th limb.

Practicing yoga is a personal journey that is different for every student and teacher, for that matter. The teacher never stops learning. It is all a life long process. Patience is key in practicing yoga which most Americans are in dire need, present company included.

I love the term "practicing off the mat" as it applies to being in the present moment even when you are not on your mat. Taking the inner peace and bringing it into the everyday stuff is what really what Hatha yoga is all about. Living in the moment, and dealing with whatever is going on in your life.

Yoga is a gift that I feel fortune to have found and feel so lucky that I will be able to teach others the art of yoga. I look forward to many years of practicing and teaching Hatha yoga.