What are the benefits of weight training to your mind, body and spirit? The benefits are numerous... I want to start by writing about one of the biggest benefits of weight training; slowing down the AGING PROCESS. When you incorporate weight training into your lifestyle your muscles will become stronger, (as well as the joints). Range of motion is increased and thus making it easier to move around. And as we age this is most important. Living with chronic pain is no FUN.

The mind is a wonderful thing. When we feel good as well as look good it does the mind GOOD. Feeling strong and confident as we age is wonderful state of being. Approaching the dark side of forty I know how important it is to feel good. A body that is not worked out becomes stiff and painful. When you begin to reap the benefits of weight training... the stiffness is eliminated and as your muscle mass grows, you are able to do the daily tasks necessary without pain.

The mindset of confidence achieved through gaining muscle tone lifts the spirit. You become confident in your body and presence. I have found that when I weight train that I feel better all around, kind of blissful. It affects my mood, my outlook, my confidence, my patience, my approach to certain things and how I handle them.

I recommend weight training for everyone, young and old. It is never too late to start. The sooner the better. It is simple to do. All you need are free weights and 20 minutes, twice a week to get started. As you get stronger I guarantee that you will want to continue. When you are stronger you will want to increase the weight as well as the number of repetitions performed. A good solid, basic routine can be easily added to your life.

Becoming a certified personal trainer has taught me the importance of weight training. I needed to understand the mechanics behind how the body works in order for weight training to make sense. So it finally clicked for me when I studied how weight training affects all parts of the body; from the cells to the blood to fibers to nerves to the muscles... it clicked. It is truly amazing how the muscles need to be used in order for them to stay functional. Much in the same way as the brain has to be used in order to effectual. It is important to grasp this concept.

I have just embarked on my journey as a personal trainer and look forward to working with clients that want to become healthy and strong. I am a big believer in weight training and think it should be incorporated into everyone's life in some form. It will do your mind, body and spirit a world of good. There may even be a chunk of bliss thrown in from time to time.

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