Initial Nutrition Analysis: One and a half hour consultation - 3 day nutritional analysis - We will define your lifestyle through food intake, emotional status and activity level- We then can set up a simple plan incorporating basic steps that move you in the direction of a healthier lifestyle that has been specifically designed for you. ~$65.00

Follow up visits: as needed. Half hour can be over the phone or face to face.~$25.00

One month of Holistic Nutrition Consultation Includes: 3 day nutritional analysis and initial 1.5 hour consultation A simple individual nutrition plan is laid out for your specific needs Redesign your pantry 4 - 30 minute follow visits - one weekly ~$135.00

Three months of Holistic Nutrition Consultation: 3 day nutritional Analysis and initial 1.5 hour consultation A simple individual nutrition plan lay out designed for you. Find the right supplements for you. Weekly email contact to track progress. Redesign your pantry. Food journal for 3 months to promote accountability. One trip to the supermarket to explore whole food options 1.5 hour closing consultation ~$325.00

Holistic Nutritional Party Host a Holistic Nutrition Party and receive a free nutritional analysis ~ a $65 value.

Offering a fun way to introduce the fundamentals of holistic nutrition to you, your friends and family. Learn the basics that can change your life. I will demonstrate how to prepare a meal that promotes wellness for you and your guests. There will be different menus to choose from.

Cost $15 to $20 per person

Each guest will receive a complimentary gift.

Other Services: ~$25.00 an hour

* Learn to shop for and prepare an organic meal.

* Beauty product makeover... Learn about the harm your everyday beauty products may be doing to your body inside and out.

* Organics on a budget~ It is possible, find out how to shop wisely for organics.

*Cooking Class~ Learn to cook delicious and nutritious food.