There are so many products out there to choose from... I thought I would let you know the products I have tried and liked. It can be costly to try different brands and not like them. I highly recommend trying the health and beauty department at Whole Foods, because the store has a lot of samples which allows you to try out different products before you make a purchase. If there is a sample they will give it to you. They are always friendly and willing to help you, (in every department). It is a great place to start when making healthier choices.

Here are some of the products that I highly recommend and use:

Organic Food Bars: They are pricey but the vegan bar is 90% raw and 100% organic. They taste great. They will run between $1.99 and $2.29. Great breakfast if you are on the go or midday snack.

Pacific Natural Foods Organic Mushroom Broth - absolutely delicious - a great base for soups and gravies. $2.99

Barleans's organic oils - 100% organic Fortu Flax - it is from cold-milled select flax seed- runs about $7.95 worth every penny- large container will last a few months - keep it in he refrigerator. It is already ground and ready to sprinkle on your favorite foods.

Mohave Agave Nector- Light version. Great all natural sweetener that you can use to add to everything. Tastes wonderful and does not raise glucose levels as does regular sugar. Good alternative for diabetics and any one trying to lose weight. $4.99 can purchase at Stop & Shop.

San Manzano canned tomatoes - They are not organic but the taste is phenomenal. I am a tomato fanatic so believe me when I tell you that this is it! They are pricey but it is worth every penny. $3.49

365 - Whole Foods Brand Organic canned beans - $1.99

Organic whole wheat pasta's are awesome. Cooks up well and taste wonderful.

Organic Canola oil - $3.99

For the kids I recommend:


Mac & Cheese (creamy cheese like velveeta)$3.39

Mac & Cheese with the powered cheese mix - $1.99

Cream of Tomato Soup (delicious)$2.49

For spices: I love Simply Organic at Whole Foods. Fabulous.

Dairy: I purchase Stonyfield Farms not only are they best the products are local!! Farm is in beautiful Londonderry NH.

I will be adding to this page periodically so please check back.:)