Why Food Combine?

There are a few basic steps to food combining for optimum digestion and enzyme absorption. When following these steps the digestive track is allowed to pull the enzymes from the food eaten and digest it properly.

* Eat fruit alone. Fruit digests quickly and when eaten with a starch or a protein it slows down this process. It will ferment in the stomach if it is not allowed to digest quickly. It will cause you to bloat and pass gas.

* Eat starch with vegetables only. Starch needs an alkaline environment to digest properly.

* Eat protein with vegetables only. Protein needs an acidic environment to digest properly.

* Do not drink any beverage with meals as it will dilute the digestive enzymes slowing down the process. It is best to drink an hour before or after eating a meal.

I love the way I feel when I follow the above food combining steps. I feel light. Give them a try for a month and see how you feel.

****Above information curtesy of Global College of Natural Medicine coursework.****