Detoxification for Wellness

Why is detoxification important for your overall health? Well for one thing it cleans out the body's systems of free radicals giving the body the opportunity to replenish healthy cells. When the body is overloaded with free radicals damage illness occurs.

It is imperative that the body be cleansed seasonally. There are different cleanses for different organs of the body. The first cleanse I would suggest that you do is a liver cleanse. It is the most important organ in the body's own process of cleaning and filtration. The liver performs a host of essential functions, such as storing vitamins, minerals, and glucose. It is also regulates metabolism of the macro nutrients; protein, carbohydrates, and fats. The liver serves as the body's primary filtration system. It functions to remove and deactivate waste such as medications, excess hormones and environmental chemicals.

The liver can become overburdened with free radicals called extoxins, which come from outside the body. Sources of extoxins are: the environment(pesticides air pollution and chemicals), personal care products, antibiotics, alcohol, food additives and chemicals, drugs, cleaning products, etc., These extoxins enter the body through the skin, inhalation, or are ingested through the foods we eat. They then enter the blood stream and are filtered by the liver. Since the blood passes through the liver at the rate of 3 pints per minute, the liver in a constant filtration mode to clean the blood and keep you healthy.

That is why cleansing the liver is pivotal to living healthy in today's world. Especially if you do not eat an optimum diet and are exposed to environmental toxins. When liver function is optimal the unwelcomed toxins leave the body, instead of continually circulating in the bloodstream where they can do harm by creating inflammation and then sickness.

Once the liver has been cleansed the next crucial cleanse I would recommend would be the colon cleanse. A colon cleanse is beneficial when there the diet is full of preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, meat, dairy, toxic fish unfiltered water and pesticides. The cleanse would allow the colon to clean up any undigested food and chemicals that can not be processed as waste. If the waste is allowed to build up the colon becomes impacted and the walls narrow. Causing digestive issues that can result in: irritable bowel syndrome, Candida albicans (overgrowth of yeast),colon cancer, parasite infestation and host of other chronic conditions.

Essentially every organ in the body can be cleansed. But it is important to detoxify the liver and the colon first. Then move onto the lymphatic system, kidneys, spleen, etc. It is recommended that you cleanse the major organs at least once a year.

Another way to reduce environmental toxic build up in the body would be to take a proactive approach. By incorporating the steps below into your lifestyle will help reduce your exposure:

+ Limit the use of strong household cleaners that contain toxic ingredients - use natural products instead

+ Consume high quality sources of organic animal protein, limit red meat consumption to 1 or 2 times a week + Consume large quantities of organic fruit, vegetables, and legumes with every meal

+ Avoid cigarette smoke or exposure to second hand smoke

+ Avoid highly processed foods containing additives

+ Avoid excessive use of alcohol

+ Include a diet rich in fiber or supplement your diet with fiber

+ Limit exposure to EMF (electromagnetic fields with the Q-Link visit:

+ Adopt a lifestyle that includes regular exercise

+ Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of purified water a day

+ Compliment your diet with a high potency multivitamin that includes both minerals and antioxidants

+ Limit exposure to chemicals found in personal care - use natural certified organic products instead

+ Buy a filter for your shower to limit exposure to chlorine