Five Basic Wellness Tips

1. Drink eight 8oz glasses of purified water a day

2. Exercise 30 minutes at least 3 times a week - 5 is best

3. Use all natural cleaning products in your home

4. Eat organic as often as possible

5. Supplement a high strength multi-vitamin with minerals

Any change to your health lifestyle is huge. I think that most people become overwhelmed and stop implementing a health change long before it can have an impact. I know that if each of the above wellness tips is integrated into your life slowly, say one a month, it will become a habit. Becoming a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Try drinking eight 8oz glasses of water a day for a month. If 8 glasses is too much try 4 glasses a day for a month until it becomes comfortable. Then move on to 6 glasses a day for a month... until you comfortably reach 8 glasses. Then move onto the next health tip, incorporating it into your life slowly.

The key to succeeding with any change is taking baby steps in the direction you would like to go. Repetition of those baby steps is crucial to that success. Over the course of a month that healthy change becomes part of your healthy lifestyle for good.

The five basic wellness tips are a great starting point when beginning a healthier lifestyle. Once these 5 basic steps have been integrated into your life you can continue to adopt other wellness steps which I can introduce to you, when I help you create an individualized wellness program.